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Many Of Our Customers Testimonials


Testimonials By Some Of Our Clients!


Purchase At Hammond Organ World: 
Chuck Treppeda (Left) & Jim Caparelli (Right)


Both Chuck and Jim, long time friends, are the first two people in the USA to purchase the outstanding new Viscount Legend Organ. They called Vince Seneri, the President of HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD, at the beginning of 2017.  Finally, after waiting four months for the organs to arrive from Italy, they finally picked up their new Viscount Legend organs in May, 2017 at our distribution center.  Now, HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD and Vince Seneri would like to congratulate these gentlemen for making a great investment and for being the first in music history to purchase the new Viscount Legend Organ. 

SPECIAL NOTE FROM VINCE SENERI:  I am honored to have assisted these great guys with their new purchase.  Chuck and Jim, from New York state, are excellent musicians and super nice guys.  They both love the sound of the Legendary Vintage Hammond B3 organ.  They each have owned many Vintage Hammond organs and many of the new digital organs that have come and gone.  Now finally the organ they've been waiting for, VISCOUNT LEGEND! 

Emily Frank Of Annie's Playhouse, NJ USA

With Her New Yamaha Motif XF8 purchased at Hammond Organ World

Pic of Emily Frank  leaving the Hammond Organ World parking lot with her new YAMAHA Motif XF8 keyboard.



Thanks, love the new MotifXF8 you sold me.

Special thanks for the best price and great service.

The keyboard will be a great new addition at our theater (Annie's Playhouse).

Vince you're the best!

Emily Frank
Director Annie's Playhouse
Annie’s Playhouse
The Mall at Far Hills
35 Route 202
Far Hills, NJ 07931

Tom Walter, Mount Airy, MD, USA

Hammond Organ World Customer Of The Month


Hey Vince,

I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that I received the Yamaha Motif XF8 on Friday, September 10, 2010. I set it up temporarily in my living room. I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase.

Vince, thank you again for all of your guidance this year and last year in the purchase of my keyboard equipment. Your expertise was most appreciated and led me to make the best decision possible for all of my gear purchases. I had considered other products but chose to stay with Yamaha and Hammond, because of "Hammond Organ World and Vince Seneri."

These are what I purchased directly from Vince Seneri at his company:

Hammond Portable B3 MK2, Leslie 3300, Leslie 3301, Yamaha Tyros 3, Yamaha - Hard-Shell Case - For Tyros, Yamaha Keyboard Stand - L7S For Tyros 3, Yamaha - Speakers System - TRSMS02 - for Tyros 3, Yamaha MFC-10 Foot pedal/control device for Tyros 3, Yamaha - FC4 - Piano-style sustain pedal, Yamaha - LG - 800 Keyboard Stand and just recently the new Yamaha Motif XF8.

This is what I was dreaming about for years. I'm convinced I received the best value, best price, the best guidance and the best service that I could have found anywhere in United States.

Thank you again Vince for all of your help, you made my dreams finally come true. 

Regards,Tom Walters, Mount Airy, MD, USA


By Norm Krygier, Elma, NY, USA

Purchased First Hammond Mini-B Organ Ever Manufactured - Sold by Vince Seneri!

Mini-B Testimonial for Hammond Organ World By Norman Krygier!

September 9, 2010

As a devoted Hammond tone wheel organ purist, the Mini-B has The Look, The Feel and The Sound of a Genuine Hammond B3. It has WOW! Don't be fooled by the word Mini. The folks at Hammond Suzuki have built this fine instrument taking the XK3c system to another level. Great 'B' style cabinet, full bass pedals, real drawbars, well positioned control functions and a powerful matching 971se Leslie speaker are the features that influenced my decision to buy. And yes, this Hammond is affordable.

For expert advice and super customer service, I highly recommend contacting Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World for your new Hammond Mini-B.

Norman Krygier, Elma, NY, USA



Written By Jonathan A. Howell, Delaware, USA

My Yamaha Motif XF8


Hello Vince,

I really cannot stress to you how grateful I am. I absolutely love this keyboard and play it every time I get a moment to myself. The clarity of the sounds on the board are simply amazing.

I am definitely glad I found your website and more thankful that you were so willing to get me the best deal money could buy. Your honesty, integrity and endearing personality have shown you to be a friend. I do hope I get a little break in my life so that I can come and hear you play, or even drop by the shop and get a few lessons from the Prince!

Vince, I just want to thank you again for helping me to purchase the greatest keyboard in the world. From your timeliness in responding to my inquiry about the Motif XF8, to providing an awesome package deal, to going out of your way to meet me and hand deliver the board to me when I couldn't afford to put out the delivery costs–you are surely the greatest salesperson an a new and aspiring keyboardist such as myself could ever meet.


Vince is the real deal. If you need it, he can get it and make you a deal that no other retailer, music dealer or instrument store can provide.

Playing on the Motif XF8 has increased my zeal for playing the keys, which has elevated my skill level and allowed me to be a blessing to my church during praise and worship!

Your album is my nighttime driving music! Loving the chops sir!

Thank you for everything Vince!

Grace, peace and God's greatest blessings to you!

Jonathan A. Howell, Delaware



Kenneth Grice in Florence, SC, USA

My New Yamaha Motif XF7 & HAMMOND XK-3C

Testimonial By Kenneth Grice - My New Yamaha Motif XF7


Vince, I want to say thanks for an awesome deal on this workstation keyboard! It sounds great and I love being able to get the flash board to even customize this instrument. Vince is not only a great salesman that knows what he sells, he is a great musician that goes out of his way to help other musicians.

I'm excited about using this keyboard in my productions and using it live.

And Now 5/25/11- Kenneth Just Got His New Hammond XK-3C from Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World!

Hey Vince!

WOW! This organ is awesome! It sounds like the old B3!!!!! The digital Leslie sounds great!

Now I have the Yamaha Motif XF7 and Hammond XK-3c, what more do I need? Oh Yeah, I know, the Leslie 3300! That's Next!

Thanks again Vince!

Kenneth Grice

K Grice Productions

Kenneth Grice in Florence, SC, USA


Congratulations Matthew Whitaker

On Your New Hammond B3mk2 Portable Organ!

Only 9 Years Old, Blind Talented New Generation Child Prodigy Organist!


Hey Vince, Last night was truly a special night at the Apollo Theater Spring Gala 2011 for Matthew Whitaker.

Not only did Matthew get to OPEN the show on his new Hammond B3mk2 Portable, but he also had an opportunity to sit and talk with Stevie Wonder before the show. He was so excited when Stevie gave him a harmonica!

Stevie Wonder & Matthew Whitaker

He met a lot of performers/celebrities, took pictures, walked the red carpet and gave out a lot of hugs :-) Matt met Sinbad, Spike Lee, Gabi (actress from the movie Precious, fell in love with Yolanda Adams, played the B3 for and with Paul Shaffer and had a ball directing and playing with Ray Chew and the Crew (Apollo's band).

Matthew Whitaker & Paul Shaffer

He was a little disappointed he didn't get to perform during the finale, too many other celebrities showed up, but we told him his time would come.  Matthew played a medley that began with intro of Too High followed-up with Superstition on the Hammond B3.

Thanking God for the many blessings and for allowing Matthew to be a blessing and inspiration to others.

Moe, May & Matthew

Matthew Whitaker, Hackensack, NJ, USA

Only 9 Years Old & New Generation Child Prodigy

9 years old, blind, never performed at venue such as the Apollo Theater and win's talent show.

Testimonial Moses, May & Matthew Whitaker, Hackensack, NJ, USA


Hi Vince, Matthew May and I want to thank you for your support. Matthew was so happy when he received his new Leslie to go along with his Hammond A103. His words were, "now it sounds just right"! Not only did you recommend the right people to install it but you also sent Matthew a copy of your CD, The Prince's Groove, where he promptly taught himself how to play his two favorite songs Renegade Man and Dearly Beloved.

We also want to thank you for giving him an opportunity to play with you and your band when we came to see you perform. Again he was in another world and fell in love with the Hammond XK-3 you were playing.

I guess that was a sign of things to come because not too long after playing with you Matthew was invited to play in the Child Stars of Tomorrow segment of Amateur Night at the Apollo in NY and needed something portable to play.

We thought about taking his synthesizer but you suggested the Hammond would have a better effect. Since Matt was familiar with the Hammond XK-3 you suggested that he would love playing the new portable Hammond XK-3c with the Leslie 3300 and you were correct once again. Matt couldn't wait for me to remove it from the box so that he could sit down and play it. What a sound! The XK-3-c filled the theater with the sound of a B3.

It was great of you to take the time to come and help setup and show us how to program and use the XK-3c. Using the XK-3c and the Leslie 3300 Matt won 1st place at the Apollo the first night he played and finished 2nd the second time he played. But just imagine at 9 years old, blind, and never performing in a venue such as the Apollo and to win. Wow, what an honor! What a blessing!

Thank you again Vince for making it possible. You have a lifetime friend in Matthew!

Moses, May & Matthew Whitaker, Hackensack, NJ, USA

More On Matthew - New Jersey Star Ledger Article & Video On Matthew Whitakerl

Cosmo Gallaro - Colts Neck, NJ - USA

My New Hammond SK1-76 & Yamaha Stagepas 600i!

Mr. Vince Seneri
Hammond Organ World


Dear Vince,

Thank you for making my Christmas wish come true! I have wanted the Hammond SK1 ever since I played on one.  It sounds great especially with the Yamaha Stage Pass 600i Portable PA system.  

I’m having a lot of fun playing songs like Green Onions, Riders on the Storm, Jessica, Dark Side of the Moon and so many others.  I never expected to get both the SK1 and the PA system but my mom and dad said you really helped them decide on how to put it all together.

My dad said we got the same PA system you had when we came to see you perform at Andrea’s Restaurant.  I still can’t believe it! Words can never really express how thankful I am that you helped make my Christmas the best ever.

I hope to meet you again one day and who knows maybe even play a song or two together.  For now I’m just going to keep on playing.

Cosmo Gallaro

Tom Pass - Hamilton Square, NJ - USA

Veteran B3 Player Now Owns A New Hammond SK2!

Tom Pass is a veteran B3 player has primarily been on the Philly scene for much of his musical career.  He is most often associated with the Bob Smith Trio but has also freelanced and worked with many of the past and present greats such as Richie Cole, Eddie McFadden, Junior Cook, Cecil Payne, Billy James, Eric Alexander, and many others.  Tom is still very much actively performing and is retired from the Trenton Public Schools where he served as the Supervisor of Fine and Performing Arts with the responsibility of the implementation all arts programs in the city schools.     His Hammond SK2 will be immediately put to work!

A letter to Hammond Suzuki, USA From Tom Pass About Vince Seneri & Hammond Organ World!

March 4, 2012

Hammond Suzuki USA, Inc.
733 Annoreno Drive
Addison, IL 60101

To Whom It May Concern,

I have recently purchased a Hammond SK-2 package from Hammond World in Florham Park, NJ and thought it appropriate to share my experience regarding this transaction.   

To anyone in market for a keyboard I must first say that Vince Seneri of Hammond World is not a “salesman” or just another very talented musician, he is truly a knowledgeable ” representative” of a company that is the manufacturer of quality state of the art musical equipment.

It is important to note that not only does he have an outstanding professional demeanor but he also possesses a thorough knowledge of keyboards not restricted to Hammond Suzuki products.

What is so gratifying is that Mr. Seneri clearly demonstrates a willingness to listen to his prospective customers and skillfully brings valuable personal insight into the context of the conversation. Most importantly, he provides the appropriate guidance that is required to allow the customer to make an informed decision.

His demeanor and shared knowledge allows one to gain an immediate comfort level and a sense of confidence knowing that you are talking to the right person regarding the purchase of a musical instrument that will best meet your needs. Thanks to Mr. Seneri and Hammond Suzuki USA, I expect to enjoy many good years with my SK-2.

Sincerely, Thomas A. Passerella
CC: Mr. Vince Seneri

Eric McClendon - Newtonville, NJ, USA

Finally My Hammond SK2 & Leslie 3300 Package!


Testimonial By Eric McClendon:



You beat every other dealer's price that offer the Hammond SK2 organ in America and yes, you really know your stuff! Believe me I know I called everybody! I feel like I have a "present" from you and your dealership. 

Vince I can't thank you enough for your professionalism and great knowledge of the Hammond organs you play and sell.  You're truly an expert!  I also can't believe the affordable financing plan you got me!  Great low rate and really affordable payments making a great package for me!

The SK2 and 3300 Leslie speaker really sound great together!  Lightweight thirty two pound organ and very portable with an truly authentic heavy B3 sound and feel. The extra voices sound great to, they really make you want to play.  Lastly you were right, the Hammond SK2 and Leslie 3300 speaker make a perfect match! 

In closing, to all musicians who want to purchase any Hammond organ or Leslie speaker, I highly recommend Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World!  Hammond Organ World is the best place to buy any Hammond organ or Leslie speaker.

Hey Vince, looking forward to coming back to your company and purchasing the Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard next.

Best Wishes & Happy New Year!

Eric McClendon, Newtonville, NJ, USA

Claude - From Connecticut, USA

His New SK1 Hammond - Testimonial


Hey Vince,

It was a pleasure and easy communicating with you over the phone (you answered all the time on the first ring) and emails. You "know" keyboards and that's why I bought my SK-1 from you with confidence (keyboard player to keyboard player). You're bottom price -was- bottomed-priced after searching across the web.

Great service and follow up.  I'll buy and recommend you to my fellow keyboard players.

Thanks, Claude

Jazz Guitarist - George Papacostas, Whitestone, NY, USA

World Class Semi-Hollow Body Guitar - My New Yamaha SA2200

Testimonial On My New Yamaha SA2200 Guitar!


Hey Vince,

I am writing this testimonial so I can share my experience with other guitarist considering a new semi-hollow body guitar purchase.

First thing, I wanted to express my sincere heart felt thanks for your time, effort and the great deal you gave me on my new Yamaha SA2200 semi-hollow body guitar purchase.  Vince you were right about the Yamaha SA2200, it's truly a world class guitar in every way! A gorgeous beautiful semi-hollow body guitar that is second to none!

The SA2200 has met and exceeded my every expectation of being the absolute finest semi-hollow body guitar on the market today! Believe me I know, I have looked everywhere! Over the past year I have had the pleasure of playing and comparing the best rated semi-hollow guitars available today, including the Gibson ES-335 and I must say that the Yamaha SA2200 beats them all hands down!  

I currently own many guitars and this is truly one of the finest guitars I have ever played and purchased!  The SA2200 is not only a gorgeous guitar, but plays like a dream!  The feel, look and sound are perfect! I am a guitar player who loves to play jazz, I am a jazz purist and wow, you couldn't play a nicer guitar to play jazz on, so smooth!  But what I also like about the SA2200 is the versatility it provides to play just about any kind of music: i.e., blues, rock, pop, R&B, gospel and so much more!

I've read all the articles, read all the reviews and heard all the hype on this guitar and they were right, the Yamaha SA2200 is truly the finest semi-hollow body guitar you can play and buy today at an affordable price! 

Hey, the Gibson ES-335 was $1500.00 more than my new SA2200! I also felt that the Gibson ES-335 just doesn't match to the SA2200! It just didn't have same high end quality or sound or play ability as the Yamaha SA2200.  In terms of the overall quality of the SA2200, the craftsmanship is beautiful, the sound is awesome, the feel is smooth, the finish and looks are perfect and the pricing is unbeatable!  It's a great semi-hollow body guitar and good investment! A WINNER ALL THE WAY!

In closing, I purchased a World Class Guitar from a World Class Musician

I highly recommend Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World for your next serious guitar purchase. He gave me a great deal and exceptional service.

What you should also know about Vince Seneri, is that he is a serious musician who cares about all musicians.  He truly is one of the best B3 players in the world today. And in case you didn't know, he has performed and recorded with some of the greatest guitar players in the music industry. i.e., Paul Bollenbach, Lou Volpe, George Benson and many others.

I am extremely happy with my new Yamaha SA2200 guitar that I bought from Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World.

Thanks Vince!

Papacostas, Whitestone, NY, USA

John Bunger - Rising Sun, IN, USA!

My New Hammond XK-3C & Leslie 3300 - "NOW THAT'S WHAT  I'M TALKING ABOUT!


Vince, I hope you had a great Christmas. I can not thank you enough for your assistance in educating me and guiding me towards the right Hammond purchase for my music needs. I am extremely happy with my new AXE and thank you for the great deal and service you gave me. I love my new Hammond XK-3C and Leslie 3300.

Thanks Vince!

John Bunger, Rising Sun, IN, USA


Doug Lawrence, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Proud Owner Of A New Hammond Pro-XK Organ/3300 Leslie!



When I formed my new Organic Sax band I knew I wanted to get an organ that was easy to transport. After many years of transporting the original Hammond B3's with different acts I was on tour with, I knew I didn't want to deal with that weight! On concerts when the B3 isn't provided, or if it is provided, it wasn't going to be reliable, I needed something reliable and easy to transport. Enter Vince Seneri from Hammond Organ World!

I initially called Vince to answer some questions. By the time I was off the phone with him, he was having a Pro XK System delivered to me, complete with stand, bench, Leslie 3300 and both upper and lower keyboards and full pedal board.

The really incredible part of this story is that I needed this entire rig delivered to New Mexico, because we were starting a tour in 10 DAYS! Yes that's right! Vince was able to get the Hammond to us from the Hammond factory headquarters in Illinois to New Mexico within 10 days! Vince knew the importance of the tour and the need to go the extra mile to do the best he could, and he came through big time!

I can't thank Vince enough, for first steering me in the right direction with the Pro XK System, 3300 Leslie speaker and then getting it to me on time! The organ performed beautifully! My organist, Dan Trudell ended up loving the whole system.

The tour was a sold out success and transporting the Pro-XK System was a breeze. I can't say enough about how great it sounded! And of course, none of this would have been possible without Vince Seneri making it happen.

If your looking for the best organ in the business, go to Hammond Organ World and talk to Vince Seneri! He will answer all your questions and deal with you in a professional manner. Take my word for it! Vince is the best, period!

Doug Lawrence, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA



Linda Shaw Mclean, In Myrtle Beach, SC, USA

What can I say! Vince is the GREATEST!

My "New" B3mk2, Leslie 122XB & Yamaha Tyros 3 keyboard!


Vince Seneri truly shines as an artist and has a great passion for the products he sells. Having been a B3 and keyboard player both solo and with many types of music groups and also a former demonstrator for Hammond Organ Stores in Charlotte, N.C. and Reno Nevada, I recently had a great desire to have another Hammond B3. I visited and talked to several dealers in my area and was not sure about the purchase. I happened to come across Vince Seneri and his company's web site and got him on the phone. Now we all know Vince loves to talk, but let me assure you, "THE PRINCE KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT!" I bought a new Hammond B3mk2 and 122XB Leslie speaker from him. He gave me an "awesome deal" and came through 100% in every way.

He later told me about the Yamaha Tyros 3 and I bought that from him as well. It is the best synthesizer I have ever had and I have had several since the early 70s. It is truly an amazing and fun instrument and yes, Vince gave me a great deal on that to.

I would encourage anyone who is serious about buying a Hammond organ or Yamaha keyboard to consider doing business with Vince at Hammond Organ World. He is truly a superior keyboard artist who has excellent knowledge about the products he sells. Vince is a true inspiration to any keyboard player that hears him. My life is richer for knowing him and through our mutual interests he has become a good friend!

Linda Shaw Mclean, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA



Holy Ghost Headquarters, North Babylon, NY, USA

Congratulations To Pastor Louise Jackson

New Hammond XK-System organ & 971 Leslie speaker & Yamaha Motif XF8

November 22, 2010

Congratulations to Pastor Louise Jackson the Pastor of the Holy Ghost Headquarters Church on the purchase of a new Hammond XK System organ and 971 Leslie speaker.

We would also like to congratulate the Pastor on her new church building that was finally opened last week for services. Pastor Jackson was trill when she finally got the chance to hear her church's new Hammond organ and Leslie speaker soaring throughout building.

Pastor Jackson not only purchased the Hammond organ package from Vince Seneri, but also ordered the new Yamaha Motif XF8 from Vince the day the organ was delivered. Having a Hammond and Motif is the ultimate keyboard package for gospel music.

We wish Pastor Jackson much success with her new Hammond organ, Leslie speaker, Yamaha Motif XF8 and new building.

Our Experience dealing with Vince Seneri & Hammond Organ World!

It has been a pleasure doing business with Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World.Vince's prices could not be beat! We purchased the Hammond XK system organ and the Leslie 971at very end of 2009.

We were delayed in moving into our new building and Vince Seneri was gracious enough and patient enough to hold off on our delivery until we were ready.

As promised, Vince came and set up the organ and Leslie after it was finally delivered and in our new church after being in storage for several months; we were so pleased with the new Hammond that we purchased the Yamaha Motif XF8 that day from him as well.

Words cannot express our gratitude for everything he has done. We would definitely recommend Vince Seneri and Hammond Organ World to others.

Thanks Vince!

Holy Ghost Headquarters Church, North Babylon, NY, USA


Pastor & Organist Of Bethel AME Church - Meadville, PA

Hammond Pro-XK System, Yamaha Motif-XF8,  Yamaha Stage Pas 500 Portable PA System & More!


Testimonial By Pastor Charles Ruff!

Why I didn't buy the Mini-B organ package and bought The Pro-XK System!
For two years I considered purchasing the new Mini-B organ package for my music ministry and church, but I decided not to go in that direction and this is why!
Although the Mini-B is a really beautiful organ and great concept, what churches should really know about the Mini-B is that it is the same exact organ as Pro-XK System and XK-System in the B3 cabinet.
The Mini-B organ is the shell of a Hammond B3 organ with the same keyboards and technology as the Hammond Pro-XK System and XK-System.  But there is one really big difference, the price!!!!! 

The Mini-B package is thousands of dollars more! I realized I didn’t want to pay several thousands of dollars more for a fancy cabinet when the Mini-B organ is the same organ as my new Pro-XK System! They are identical with the exception of the cabinet! Therefore, I purchased the Hammond Pro-XK system plus a new Leslie and saved thousands of dollars versus buying the Mini-B. 

With the money I saved, I was able to purchase other music gear our church really needed! , i.e., The Yamaha Motif-XF8, all the accessories for that keyboard, the Yamaha Stage Pas-500 Portable PA system and several other music instruments for far less money than the cost of one Mini-B. 

Don't get me wrong, the Mini B3 is a really nice organ, but so is the Pro-XK System!  In my Pro-XK System, I got the Mini-B for thousands less! The Pro-XK System organ is AWESOME! (Classic B3 organ all the way)!

So to all my fellow churches playing gospel music, the Mini-B, XK-System and Pro-XK System are all great organs!

It would be a matter of cabinet preference and money you can spend. But as I stated, for several thousands of dollars less, I highly recommend the Hammond Pro-XK System over the Mini-B for your next new Hammond organ purchase.  I have own several B3's but this is the best organ I have ever owned and yes, it's affordable!

In closing, I also highly recommend Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World for all your church Hammond Organ and Yamaha/ music gear purchases.  He is very knowledgeable, professional, caring and a great musician. He never once pressured me!

Vince is an expert with regards to both Hammond organ products, Yamaha keyboard products and much more. He gave me the best price on everything I purchased and also made it possible to obtain affordable financing. This made my purchase smooth and easy! My new Yamaha Motif XF8 keyboard,  Hammond Pro-XK System, Leslie 3300 speaker and Stage Pas-500 portable PA system were delivered right to my front door! I have received nothing but great service from the B3 man himself, Vince Seneri.   I could'nt be more pleased with my purchase decision and who I bought it from.  Now my church has it all, thanks to Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World!

Thanks Vince!

Pastor Charles Ruff

Bethel AME Church, Meadville, PA, USA

To email Pastor Charles Ruff click here:


Melvin Davis, Paterson, NJ, USA

World Class Musician/Organist

In addition to having several of his own successful world-wide jazz organ releases, Melvin Davis has recorded and toured with grammy great's such as George Benson, Ronnie Jordan and others. He is currently touring with Ronnie Jordan to sold out shows all over the world with his new Hammond Pro-XK organ and Leslie 3300 speaker

Testimonial From Melvin Davis - My New Hammond Pro-XK Organ & 3300 Leslie!


Vinnie I just want to thank you for helping me get my new organ. I love it Bro! It's the "Baddest" portable B3 style organ you can own and so affordable. Seriously, I played all the clone organs out there and they didn't feel, sound or play like the Hammond. The Hammond is the only way to go! The Hammond Pro-XK organ has the gutsiest sound and feel that real players want and need! Hey it's a Hammond "the real deal and I got the best deal from you". What can I say, the Pro-XK organ & 3300 Leslie is a killer combination!

Special note from Melvin Davis:

In Closing, Vince Seneri and I go way back to the days of just hanging out with George Benson at his house, jamming in his studio and also playing some awesome Hammond organ jams with Jimmy McGriff, Charles Earland, Jack McDuff and others. Vin and I have been friends for over 20 years and he is like a brother to me.

Thanks Bro!
Melvin Davis, Paterson, NJ, USA

World Class Drummer! - Tony Bartone, Netcong, NJ

Tony And His New Yamaha Club Custom Drum Set!


Hi Vince,

Thank you for helping me purchase my Yamaha Club Custom Drum Set.  They look and sound great. I could not be happier!!

Thank you, Tony Bartone

Some of acts and groups he has playing experience with is: Glenn Miller Orchestra, Guy Lombardo Orchestra, Joan Lunden Everyday TV Show. The 4 Lads, 4 Aces, 4 Freshman, The Diamonds,The Chordettes Vocal groups. Oceanic cruise ship, Sea escape cruise ship and local wedding bands and Night clubs, etc!

World Class Drummer Playing Keys! - Tony Bartone, Netcong, NJ

Buys the YAMAHA Piaggero PN V80  Keyboard -Tony Says -"The perfect lightweight keyboard for a gig"!


Hi Vince,

Thank you for helping me purchase the Yamaha Piaggero PN V80 keyboard.  I find it perfect for my needs.  Light weight and sounds great!  Nice that it works on 6 triple A batteries. I can use it to play a cocktail hour and don't need to worry about a power cord. Thanks Vince!

Thank You, Tony Bartone

Netcong, NJ, USA

Henry Cottle, Central NJ & South Africa

My New Mini-B Organ & Tyros 4 Keyboard

Met the B3 man himself, Vince The "Prince" Seneri at his music dealership in Florham Park, New Jersey


Since I got my First Hammond T100 and 900 Leslie Speaker in 1970, I was completely hooked on the Hammond sound. Soon I realized that the true Hammond sound created by the vintage A, B an C models were something special but for some reason my path never crossed one of these vintage Hammond organs. Recently I managed to get hold of a vintage Hammond A 100, but a friend convinced me to consider the Mini-B. I was reluctant at first, since I believed that the sound of the vintage Hammond could never be authentically reproduced.

Picture of my new Hammond Mini-B & Tyros 4 Yamaha keyboard

While I was in the USA visiting, I decided to go to Hammond Organ World in Florham Park, New Jersey where I met the B3 man himself, Vince The "Prince" Seneri at his music dealership.  I was also referred to him by a personal friend who said to call Vince Seneri regarding anything and everything on Hammond organs and Yamaha keyboards. After meeting Vince at Hammond Organ World, I decided to purchase the Hammond Mini-B and 971 Leslie Speaker package from him. Vince not only gave me a great deal on the Mini-B and Leslie, but also made another dream of mine come true by helping me on the purchase of the incredible Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard.  He made it a combo deal with the Mini-B and Tyros 4 and gave me a great deal. After buying my new organ and keyboard in New Jersey, I had Vince ship the organ and Tyros from his dealership to my friends house in central, New Jersey. A few months later, I made personal arrangements to ship my Mini-B and Tyros 4 back to my home in South Africa, where they are today.

The key click, percussion, vibrato and chorus on the Mini-B are identical to what you expect from a vintage Hammond. At the touch of a button you even have a Tube Overdrive facility, which gives you an unbelievable Deep Purple Hammond Organ sound! The options that the midi input and output facility provides go without saying.  I especially like the Leslie foot switch on the expression pedal that enable you to still have both hands available for the keyboard. The Yamaha Tyros 4 is an awesome instrument and will give any musician hours of creative pleasure!

I would strongly recommend that any musician who would want to acquire a Hammond or Yamaha instrument, to contact Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World first! You can bet that I will be coming back again to the USA to see Vince Seneri on my next purchase! Thank You, Vince!

Henry Cottle
Central, NJ & South Africa

By Henry Casabo - Anthony, Florida

Had a Vintage B3 in the 60's!

Now I have a new Hammond Pro-XK System/Organ & 3300 Leslie Speaker!

Testimonial by Henry Casabo - Anthony, Florida
My New Hammond Pro-XK System/Organ & 3300 Leslie Speaker!


Hey Vince,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your direct assistance in helping me get through the entire process of purchasing my Hammond Pro-XK System organ and 3300 Leslie speaker.

Your professional knowledge of the different type of Hammond organs helped me select the right Hammond. You gave me a great deal that was in my price range and helped me get affordable financing.

After receiving my Hammond and Leslie I was able to compare the quality of my new Hammond Pro-XK to my previous Hammond B3 that I owned back in the mid sixties. Wow, I am totally satisfied with the sound and feel, it's like my vintage B3. GREAT!

What a great piece of equipment the Hammond Organ Company put together. A definite organ for that musician on the move. Upon receiving my Hammond Pro XK-System it only took me just under twenty minutes to set the entire package.

The Hammond Pro XK-System in my opinion has a much more clearer sound then that of my previous Hammond B3. The added model Leslie 3300 was also a great addition to my new Hammond. With 300 watts of power it's all I'll ever need, whether for home use or at an event. I will definitely recommend this great Hammond organ package and your company HAMMOND ORGAN WORLD to anyone looking to make a purchase.

Thanks Vince

Henry C. Casabo
Anthony, Florida.

By David Watkins, Houston, TX, USA

David Watkins New Yamaha Tyros 4


Hey Vince,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and sincere gratitude for all your advise and assistance in my recent purchase of the Yamaha Tyros 4 workstation. The personal touch you gave to me made the experience very enjoyable, treating me as a friend as well as a fellow musician, not to mention getting me the best deal possible. You kept in constant contact during the entire process and made sure I was happy and all the equipment was set up and working properly.

I am looking forward to our continuing relationship as I make my next purchase, the Yamaha Motif XF8, and the Hammond B-3mk2 portable with 3300 Leslie. That should round out my music room quite well and you are the one that can make it happen for me.

You are the best out there, and anyone who comes across Vince and Hammond Organ World will know instantly that a great and rare find is within their grasp.

Thanks again for all the assistance and support!

David Watkins
Houston, Texas, USA



February 10, 2012

Vince Seneri, President
Hammond Organ World, LLC
171 Ridgedale Ave, Suite F
Florham Park, NJ 07932

Hello Vince,

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year ago when I first contacted you in March of 2011 to inquire about the Hammond Mini-B organ.

And here we are 11 months later with a wonderful vintage Hammond C3 Organ and Leslie!!

I remember being so disappointed that we couldn’t obtain credit to purchase the  New Hammond Mini-B, it was just a little out of our budget!  But, I’m so grateful that you had another option that worked far better than we could have ever dreamed.

You didn’t allow us to believe that our small church couldn’t have a GREAT organ.  Your advice to purchase a vintage Hammond for a more manageable price was just the right deal for us!  Then when you introduced the lay-away plan we could see the beginning of our dream coming true!  The rest is history!!!

We now have a beautiful vintage Hammond C3 and couldn’t be happier with it!!

Acquiring this organ was a great achievement for our extremely small church – as you can see we’re a few adults and a teen.  Yet, our intimate congregation was able to rally together, fund-raise and mainly pool our personal funds throughout the lay-away process to finally close the deal on our organ. 

I’ll tell anyone, it can be done and with your convenient lay-away plan any church can acquire a GREAT organ to usher in the presence of the Lord at every service!! Thanks again for your patience and belief in us – we now have the “Gospel Church Sound” we’ve always wanted!!!  God bless you!


Hallia Baker and the members of
United New Church of Christ Deliverance Unto the Lord, Inc./
Labor of Love Association, Inc.

Special Note August 2015 - In August of 2015, Hallia and the members of her church just raised the bar even hire for their music ministry by purchasing their first new YAMAHA Motif XF8 Workstation Keyboard from Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World.  Congratulations and much continued success to United New Church of Christ Deliverance Unto the Lord, Inc./Labor of Love Association, Inc.

By Donna Hoehn, Gillette, NJ, USA

My Greatest Life Long Dream Was To Own A B-3!

My New Hammond B3 Dream Finally Came True!

Hi Vince,

A little less than a month ago I contacted you about repairing the Hammond organ I had played as a child and into adulthood. I always had a passion for the organ, but as life unfolded my dream of owning a Hammond B-3 and learning to play had to be put on hold. As we talked it became obvious that my organ was beyond repair and as you offered suggestions for a new organ, I knew that for over 30 years the only organ I had ever wanted was a B-3. After the sudden death of my husband and adoption of a wonderful little boy with special needs, there has been little time to pursue my own dreams.

Donna, Little George & Vince Seneri

You extended a wonderful offer on the B-3 and provided a financing option that allowed me to purchase a brand new Hammond B-3 within 24 hours of our original conversation.

My organ was delivered this weekend and with your expert help tonight, the magic of the organ came alive. You not only made a lifetime dream come true, you have also helped to start a new chapter in my life.

One filled with the passion for the organ and music. I will never be able to thank you enough for your caring, guidance and spark of excitement to help me pursue one of my greatest lifelong dreams!

With my most sincere gratitude,
Donna & Hoehn

Little Georgie Hoehn Is The First Person To Own A New

Yamaha Guitar From Hammond Organ World.

Congratulations Little Georgie On Your New Yamaha GigMaker Guitar Set!


Dear Vince,

I am so thankful for your help obtaining the new Yamaha guitar for my son.

His 13th birthday was very special as he unwrapped his present to find his own new guitar. Despite all the obstacles he faces, his love of music pushes him to work hard at producing new sounds and trying his best to play.

When you suggested I purchase a guitar for George, I was not at all certain he would be able to use his hands well enough to play. You were right - the magic of music has drawn him into a new instrument and he is so excited when he plays and sings along!

We are honored to be your first Yamaha guitar customer and look forward to many years of enjoyment.

Donna Hoehn



By Doug Lowe, Clinton Township, Michigan, USA

Better Than I Ever Dreamed Of, My New Yamaha Tyros Keyboard

My Testimonial - By Doug Lowe


I met Vince when I was dreaming about knowing how to play and to own a new Yamaha Tyro 3.

Like I said I did not know how to play but knew I wanted to learn. Vince not only answered every question I had, he also had the patience of a saint. I was treated as if I was family. I got the best deal in the market and I did plenty of research. Vince gave me the knowledge and tips on learning how to play!!!

No matter how many times I called he was patient and took my call. Even after my new toy arrived Vince Seneri called me to make sure my merchandise was shipped timely and that I was happy with my purchase. I truly feel that if I hadn't met Vince my new toy would still be a dream. I am still in the process of learning how to play and enjoying every second of it.

I also know that if I need anything Vince will help me out. I not only have a new toy but a new friend. I am discovering all kinds of things on my Yamaha Tyro 3 and it is better than any dream I ever had of it. I want to thank Vince from the bottom of my heart for making it possible to own this keyboard.

Thank you for all you have done!!!

Doug Lowe, Clinton Township, Michigan, USA



By Harold Mager, Fairlawn, NJ, USA

New Hammond B3 Portable, 122XB Leslie & Yamaha PSR-S910


I have been a client of Hammond Organ World for several years. Vince Seneri, is not only one of the best Hammond B-3 Players in the country, but also is highly knowledgeable of all Hammond organs, Leslies speakers and Yamaha keyboard products. When you hear Vince's last release "The Prince's Groove" and even have the privilege to see him perform live, you will truly appreciate the great talent this master has on the Hammond B3 organ.

If you want the best prices and great service visit Vince "The Prince", at Hammond Organ World.

Harold Mager, Fairlawn, NJ, USA



By Albert Cooksey - Wexford, PA, USA

My Hammond Dream!

Proud owner of a new Hammond Pro-XK organ & 3300 Leslie speaker

May 6, 2010

Dear Vince Seneri,

Thanks for taking the time to work with me on my Hammond dream. I may not never be as good as organist like yourself or some of my idols, I just want to play some simple lines for starters and hear that Hammond tone kicking in my studio.

I've been very fortunate in my music quest to come in contact with some really good music people. You are certainly one,a really great professional for giving insight, expertise and guidance with respect to the Hammond. Your passion for the Hammond is very evident as well as your playing style.

Once I get my organ I want to steal some of your chops. I'm definitely motivated to embracing the Hammond and becoming proficient to best of my capabilities.

Best regards,
Albert Cooksey Jr,Wexford, PA, USA

LEO DROST - Nottingham, MD, USA

My "NEW" Hammond 935 Classical Organ!

Testimonial By Leo Drost - 1/12/12

Drove up to New Jersey to see my good friend Vince Seneri and finally bought a the beautiful 935 Hammond Classical Organ!

Wow, I am extremely pleased with this organ.  The overall workmanship on the Hammond 935 is outstanding.  But!! The real beauty of the organ are the breathtaking sounds produced by the organ.  The pipe voices are equal to several church organs I have played over the years that had actual pipes.  With the addition of the Hammond drawbars, this is truly an organ worth having for my retirement years. 

Thanks for your professionalism Vince, you made all the difference in the world with my decision to buy this beautiful 935 Classical Hammond Organ.

Thanks Again,
Leo Drost, Nottingham, MD, USA


By Eddie Garrett - Sarasota, Florida, USA

My New 3300 Leslie Speaker

August 19, 2010

I own a Hammond XK-3 keyboard & I'd been in the market & researching for a good Leslie. I wanted something lighter than a standard 122 with enough power to handle getting out there with the guitars & vocals. I read the reviews online for the Hammond 3300 model & was impressed. Those that bought one (many of whom were B-3 players) was elated over its sound, power, durability & portability (not to mention its great looks). I knew that if B-3 players loved it then I would too. So, I did some research online & came across Hammond Organ World (.com). I called the phone number listed & the person that answered was none-other than Jazz great Vince "The Prince" Seneri.

He stated he was Hammond's representative in the northeast. I had several questions about the 3300 & he answered every one. He was very personable, knowledgeable, professional & a very nice person. He states he uses a 3300 at his gigs as well. So I went ahead & purchased my first REAL Leslie for my XK-3 keyboard. The transaction was smooth & simple. A few days later it arrived (YEA!) & I immediately opened the box. I admired its elegance & beauty, & craftsmanship. I hooked it up with my 11-pin cable & turned on the XK-3. To my surprise, when I turned on the keyboard the Leslie 3300 turned on as well. Nice feature from Hammond! The sound was literally classic HAMMOND. I moved it from one side of the room to another with ease because of its casters & side handles.

The next day I received a call from Vince Seneri following-up on the sale & he was very happy for me. He made sure I was 100% satisfied. Lastly, I am most impressed with is the fact that not only did I receive a world-class piece of equipment (Leslie 3300), but also got to meet a world-class act in the music of Vince Seneri. Once again, it appears that Hammond is class all the way around.

Eddie Garrett

By Eddie Garrett - Sarasota, Florida, USA



By John Heffner, Delanco, NJ, USA

My Amazing Hammond XH-272 Elegante&Leslie 122XB & Leslie 525

September 14, 2010

My decision to upgrade to a Hammond organ was made easy; thanks to the expert advice and assistance I received from Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World.

My purchase of the Hammond XH-272 Elegante, the Leslie 122XB, and Leslie 525 has given me many hours of enjoyment and will no doubt do so for many years to come as I discover the endless features of this amazing and exciting instrument.

Many thanks to Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World for his professional personal attention and assistance in making my decision to purchase this wonderful organ a pleasurable experience.

John Heffner, Delanco, NJ, USA



Roberto Barajas - Dallas, TX, USA

My "Awesome" New Yamaha Tyros 4 Keyboard!

January 26, 2011

Vince thank you so much for helping get my new Yamaha Tyros 4 keyboard! It's great, everything I thought it would be! Your price was the best! Playing a Yamaha Tyros 4 is like having a real orchestra under your fingers. "The look, feel and sounds are incredible!"

I also really enjoy listening to your jazz organ record, "The Prince's Groove". WOW! I can't wait to get my Hammond XPK-200 bass pedals. That will complete my keyboard system!

Vince thank you again.

Hasta la vista

Roberta Barajas - Dallas, TX -USA



Uri Lipper, Jerusalem, Israel My Hammond Dream In Jerusalem, Israel

Uri Lipper at home with his new Hammond XK-3c & 3300 Leslie speaker! 12/2/10 Hey Vince, Thank you for your kind assistance all the way to Jerusalem, Israel, you truly have help me now fulfill my Hammond dream! Here I am at my home with my new Hammond XK-3c and Leslie 3300.

Vince, thanks again. Shalom and bye for now! Uri Lipper, Jerusalem, Israel



Dr. David Bass, Capetown, South Africa - AFRICA

My Hammond XK1 & Leslie 2101& Crossing TheAtlantic

Testimonial By Dr. David Bass, Capetown, South Africa


I have been a Hammond devotee since first hearing Keith Emerson bang the innards out of his Hammond L100 with The Nice in 1968. My folks bought me a second-hand Hammond L100 in 1972 and the love affair has been alive and well since then.

Fast-forward to 2009: having just bought my first digital Hammond (XK1), I discovered that the only way to source anything even resembling a rotary speaker was to buy it direct from the USA. I contacted several American retailers who flatly refused to ship anything of that size across the Atlantic - all except Vince Seneri. Not only did Vince agree without blinking an eye to ship an entire Leslie 2100 system to South Africa, but he did so at a great price and with such swiftness, I was slack-jawed when the gear turned up at my door within 10 days of our telephone conversation. Now THAT's a man who cares about his customers.

So right here, at the tip of Africa is one dude who sounds as good as he can, thanks to Vince the Prince. And for my next upgrade, you can be sure I'll be going straight back to Hammond Organ World.

Dr. David Bass, Capetown, South Africa - AFRICA