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First In USA To Own Genos-Pastor White

Pastor White -First Person In The USA To Purchase & Own The New Yamaha Genos!


10/17/17 -
Yamaha Genos Testimonial

Hey Vince, you did it again!

Thank you for the great deal you gave me on the my new Yamaha Genos. 
It truly met all of my expectations; the feel, the sound, the styles, the quality of the keyboard, ease of use, the nine new sliders, like draw-bars and over all quality is tremendous.

You were right when you told me that the Genos is like the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  All the sounds enhanced with tremendous quality, piano is awesome and the string were improved greatly! It has everything for every genre of music that exist today and for musicians world wide. I was so happy when I open the box!

Anyone waiting for their Genos to come in will be extremely ecstatic. Simply put, it far exceeds the Tyros 5 keyboard.
Everything about my new Genos is off the charts!

This is truly the best Arranger/Workstation Yamaha has ever released.
I am overwhelmed with happiness and joy every time I sit down and play my new Genos.  

This is one keyboard all Tyros owners and players should upgrade to. It's truly, the crème de la crème!

Pastor White