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RD-2000 Stage Piano


Own The Roland RD-2000 Stage Piano For $59.99/mo.

Call For Info & Pricing 973-870-0049-Ask For Vince Seneri


RD 2000 Stage Piano Accessories

DP-10 Pedal

Extensive Foot Control

The RD-2000’s four pedal inputs can be configured for damper pedals, expression pedals, and more. A DP-10 pedal is included for damper pedal operation. The optional RPU-3 provides a real grand piano pedaling experience, combining three pedals into one compact unit.

KS-G8 Optional Matching Stand

Matching Stand

For solid support on stage or in the studio, the optional KS-G8 stand is a perfect match for the RD-2000. It features an open design for a sleek look, plus durable steel piping and rigid bracing to ensure maximum stability. The KS-G8 folds for easy transport, and its height can be adjusted for sitting or standing positions.