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About Our Company

Welcome To Hammond Organ World

A Company Built By A Musician For Musicians!

Vince Seneri Is The President & CEO Of Hammond Organ World, LLC

"My Passion has always been to help musicians everywhere get

the best music products available today, at the most affordable prices

in the USA, thus helping musicians play and sound best!"


Getting Musicians What They Need To Play & Sound Their Best!

Now in our 14th year of business, Hammond Organ World is the premier authorized Hammond organ, Leslie speaker and Yamaha full line international music dealership for professionals, institutions, churches and a wide variety of musicians and consumers in the music industry today. We also represent the music divisions of Roland, Viscount, NORD, Korg, Kurzweil, Studio Logic, Ziljian and Trek II Products as a full line dealership.

Hammond Organ World is
one of the most reputable online music dealership in the USA today, located at 171 Ridgedale Ave, Suite F, Florham Park, NJ. The company was founded by Vince Seneri, who is a world-renowned musician and successful recording artist who has been endorsed been by Hammond Suzuki, USA and Yamaha Music Corporation, USA.

Hammond Organ World specializes and offers the best in new and vintage Hammond organs, Leslie speakers as well as all other new organ brands, keyboards, digital pianos, Yamaha drums, Yamaha guitars, mixers, PA systems, speakers and cymbals and more.

Our company has thousands of satisfied customers through-out the USA and world. Our clientele include churches, corporations, arenas, artists, professional musicians, plus world class artist i.e., Bruce Springsteen and several others. We also service public schools, universities, institutions, recording studios, back-line companies, home consumers, students and much more. We are always upgrading our site to better serve our clients. We also have the best and most affordable financing available in the USA.

For Info Call 973-870-0049-Ask for Vince Seneri!

B-3 MK2 Portable & Leslie Special