Special note from Vince Seneri.

Pastor Ruff passed shortly after he purchased his new organ and Yamaha gear.  He was a wonderful man and I always enjoyed talking to him.  He was not only a great customer but we became friends.  He was a talented musician and loved the Lord with all of his heart. Whenever he answered his phone to say hello, he would say, "Praise the Lord, Pastor Ruff".  I will never forget you, my friend. God bless your family and be with you always.  



Pastor & Organist Of Bethel AME Church - Meadville, PA

Hammond Pro-XK System, Yamaha Motif-XF8,  Yamaha Stage Pas 500 Portable PA System & More!


Testimonial By Pastor Charles Ruff!

Why I didn't buy the Mini-B organ package and bought The Pro-XK System!
For two years I considered purchasing the new Mini-B organ package for my music ministry and church, but I decided not to go in that direction and this is why!
Although the Mini-B is a really beautiful organ and great concept, what churches should really know about the Mini-B is that it is the same exact organ as Pro-XK System and XK-System in the B3 cabinet.
The Mini-B organ is the shell of a Hammond B3 organ with the same keyboards and technology as the Hammond Pro-XK System and XK-System.  But there is one really big difference, the price!!!!! 

The Mini-B package is thousands of dollars more! I realized I didn’t want to pay several thousands of dollars more for a fancy cabinet when the Mini-B organ is the same organ as my new Pro-XK System! They are identical with the exception of the cabinet! Therefore, I purchased the Hammond Pro-XK system plus a new Leslie and saved thousands of dollars versus buying the Mini-B. 

With the money I saved, I was able to purchase other music gear our church really needed! , i.e., The Yamaha Motif-XF8, all the accessories for that keyboard, the Yamaha Stage Pas-500 Portable PA system and several other music instruments for far less money than the cost of one Mini-B. 

Don't get me wrong, the Mini B3 is a really nice organ, but so is the Pro-XK System!  In my Pro-XK System, I got the Mini-B for thousands less! The Pro-XK System organ is AWESOME! (Classic B3 organ all the way)!

So to all my fellow churches playing gospel music, the Mini-B, XK-System and Pro-XK System are all great organs!

It would be a matter of cabinet preference and money you can spend. But as I stated, for several thousands of dollars less, I highly recommend the Hammond Pro-XK System over the Mini-B for your next new Hammond organ purchase.  I have own several B3's but this is the best organ I have ever owned and yes, it's affordable!

In closing, I also highly recommend Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World for all your church Hammond Organ and Yamaha/ music gear purchases.  He is very knowledgeable, professional, caring and a great musician. He never once pressured me!

Vince is an expert with regards to both Hammond organ products, Yamaha keyboard products and much more. He gave me the best price on everything I purchased and also made it possible to obtain affordable financing. This made my purchase smooth and easy! My new Yamaha Motif XF8 keyboard,  Hammond Pro-XK System, Leslie 3300 speaker and Stage Pas-500 portable PA system were delivered right to my front door! I have received nothing but great service from the B3 man himself, Vince Seneri.   I could'nt be more pleased with my purchase decision and who I bought it from.  Now my church has it all, thanks to Vince Seneri and his company Hammond Organ World!

Thanks Vince!

Pastor Charles Ruff

Bethel AME Church, Meadville, PA, USA

To email Pastor Charles Ruff click here: pastorcjuliousruff@verizon.net