By Vince Seneri 10/3/21

In Remembrance of Dr. Lonnie Smith

One of our greatest legendary Hammond B3 organist.

He will be missed by his fans and all the great organist that have been inspired by his music and keyboard skills. No doubt, Dr. Lonnie Smith was one of the "baddest cats" on the Hammond B3 organ. He will always be among the best of the best and his music will live on forever.

I will never forget when I first met him. I was visiting George Benson at his home in NJ, when George introduced me to Dr. Lonnie Smith to my surprise, who was also there. I was honored to meet him. He was super friendly and fun to hang out with. Of course we were all playing music and jamming in George's recording studio on his B3 organ. We all had a blast. It was a great day and one I will never forget.

For those who may not know Dr. Lonnie Smith, he is on my far left in the picture below. Also in this picture on my right was the late great B3 organist, Gene Ludwig. Seated directly in front of me, was the late great B3 organist Jimmy McGriff. All legendary organist/musicians that are among the best classic Hammond B3 players ever. I was blessed to know all these gentlemen, including my hero Jimmy Smith.

I know there are so many more good things to say about Dr. Lonnie Smith. In closing, I would like to just simply say. Dr. Lonnie Smith will be missed greatly and may God bless his family and be with him always.