Dr. Wendell Lowe World Class Gospel Organist & Musician

9/1/21 From Vince Seneri On Dr. Wendell Lowe

Here is our World Class Gospel Organ Artist of the year, Dr. Wendell Lowe with his new Viscount Legend Organ that he purchased at Hammond Organ World. This man is an extraordinary talent, a tremendous musician and a really nice person. I was very honored to work with him on the purchase of his new Viscount Legend Organ. He is now an endorsed Hammond Organ World Viscount Gospel Organ Artist. You can also see him playing in a nice video with his newly acquired Legend Organ. Click on the video below. You'll be hearing a lot more about this great musician in both the gospel church music genre and organ music industry

From Dr. Wendell Lowe 9/2/21 Vince, you have no idea how much I am humbled and indeed honored by your act of kindness. This organ is a game changer for me. Thank you so much!