First New Legend Classic Organ Sold In USA!
Stuart Phoenix-Cornell, NY 7/12/18

My New Viscount Legend Classic Organ
Buying my Viscount Legend Classic from Vince Seneri at Hammond Organ World has been a wonderful experience.  I did a lot of research, looking at all kinds of possibilities in the B3 realm, including the Hammond XK-5 and A-3, Nord C2D, Crumar Mojo, as well as other Viscount Legend versions (including the Joey De Francesco Signature Organ, which was enticing too).
In the end it came down to choosing something that my wife would accept in our living room, and I can report that after lots of early doubting and resistance, my wife loves it!  She not only loves the sound, but the fact that it is second to none in terms of being housed in a superbly crafted case viewed as piece of furniture. 
Frankly, the craftmanship is breathtaking in that regard and worth every penny, and the wait.  I can see now why Viscount took their time to get it right. I should say that it also be a wonderful addition to any church looking for an organ.

Needless to say, the sound is fantastic, and I can now see what all the reviewers and users have been talking about regarding key-click, cross-talk, overdrive choices, full sets of drawbars and all the rest.  
The pedal-board is sensitive but incredibly solid in build.  I’m waiting for my new Leslie 122XB speaker to arrive, but can report that the Legend Classic sounds superb simply using my Yamaha HS80 monitor HS10W sub-woofer combination.
One thing I notice right away is that unlike another high-end keyboard I have, there is no low-level hum or noise (previously I was blaming the speakers).
And perhaps most important, Vince has been an absolute pleasure to work with irrespective of price (which was absolutely unbeatable). 
As a new Legend model, we knew there would be a wait and Vince periodically called me to give me updates on progress. He even arranged for a conference call with the shipping folks at MMS, so that delivery would go smoothly, including setup.  
The shipping carton was rugged, and in unpacking it all, getting it in the door and down the hallways, the MMS folks handled the Classic like it was $100,000 Steinway grand piano!  Right from my first phone call to Vince, my mind was put at ease, and I knew I had made the right organ choice. 
Vince, thanks for a great experience!