Harry Kolb - Long Island , NY USA

Proud Owner - New Hammond B3MK2 Portable Organ & 3300 Leslie Speaker
& Custom Case!

Testimonial 7/30/14

Hey Vince,

Thank you once again for selling my 1964 Hammond B3 and 971 Leslie and for helping me purchase this incredible Hammond
B3MK2 Portable organ with 3300 Leslie speaker. Your professional musical knowledge and real compassion for helping people
is truly a gift that you share with others. I have great respect for you as a person, businessman and of course your amazing talent
on keyboards!  Looking forward to doing more business with you again.

Harry Kolb - Long Island USA

Special Note By Vince Seneri:

"Harry Kolb is not only a great musician who plays the Hammond B3 organ well, but he is also a very humble person. Harry has been playing the organ and keyboards since he was a kid. He has owned and played many "Hammond Organs".  You may not have heard of him because he has been very been humble about his music career and is not grandiose. He deserves recognition for his skills and dedication as a serious B3 artist. You can catch Harry performing with his band all over Long Island. Just google his name and you can see his schedule of performances. Below are some great pictures of Harry playing back in the day (1960's) with his white B3 organ from the 60's.

This is what Harry had to say about the his white Hammond B3 organ

"Jack Kahn of Freeport L.I. Painted my Hammond in 1967. He was one major dealer's for the Hammond Organ Company.  The bottom pic is black velvet wall paper that I put on the organ. I used to hang out with Patti Lupone, Broadway Star ( Evita ) at her brothers apartment, Robert Lupone. (Chorus Line and played Tony Sopranos next door neighbor as the Doctor, anyway, I was young and foolish to put the paper on the organ, but I thought it looked good!"

Harry Kolb 7/30/14

10/7/17 Harry Kolb - Long Island, NY

My New Legend-Testimonial 10/7/17

Harry Klob Testimonial Viscount Legend:

Testimonial: Well Vince, you did it again, first I bought the Hammond B3MKII Portable organ and 3300 Leslie speaker, now you sold me my new Viscount Legend organ, plays great through either my Leslie 3300 or my Roland KC 880, musicians out there, before you buy any instruments, please call Vince from Hammond Organ World, his professionalism, knowledge, and someone who really cares about you when purchasing instruments is the man to speak with. Plus he always gives the best deals out there! You're dealing with a guy with a big Heart and Great Keyboard player!

Thank You soooo much Vince, will keep on doing business with you,

Your Friend Harry
Long Island, NY